I started this post as a Faceook status which focused on the guys. I have quickly realized I need to speak to the women as well. Let’s start with me copying the status here and we’ll expand on it, shall we?

“So I am going to offend quite a few guys but y’all need to hear this:

If all you do is go around liking pics of girls with big breast and/or butts or watching girls fight on socialcam do not be so surprised you’re single. No woman wants that for a man. If you type like “dhis, thiz, dis, or ths” please understand I have no respect for you as a man. I cannot take someone seriously that sounds like a high school girl. If you are still tagging people in pics of sneakers just walk into traffic and remove yourself from the gene pool. If you have multiple “baby mama’s” whom all left you, and you’re constantly posting about it then it’s probably you. Get off of the computer and get a job and maybe you could keep a woman AFTER you impregnate her. Telling Facebook to free lil “insert ghetto nickname here” who, by the way, shot three people will do nothing. In fact, we don’t care. I just needed to put this out there.”

I forgot to add something to this: those of you that post on Facebook about smoking weed must obviously not have a real job. Why, you ask? Think about it, people talk and they talk a lot. Those of us with REAL jobs can’t risk it while obviously you are totally willing to lose your job with no problem. You have fun with that.

Now for my ladies:

The fact that every pic you have has to be taken in a mirror with your ass out says quite a bit about you and your self respect. However, you are the first to get upset when someone says something disrespectful to you. While we are on the topic of pictures DUCK FACE WILL NEVER BE CUTE! I can guarantee you no man, not boy but MAN, has ever looked at one of those pictures and said “now that is someone I want to make my wife”. Please stop posting vague statuses in hopes people will ask for clarification, only to say you can’t talk about it. If you can’t talk about then shut up in the first place. After graduating high school typing lyk diis iz no longerr akceptabull. You look like an idiot. Not every man is “no good” maybe you just attract no good men, ever thought of that?

People, there is no reason for grown adults to get behind a computer and act like morons. Cut it out!


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