Online dating “game”

Can someone, anyone, tell me what is going on? I can’t seem to meet people the normal way. The bar scene sucks. Guys in clubs want one thing. So I finally decided online may be my best shot.  I now realize the douchebags that I would normally meet while out are now taking their stupidity online. What I have noticed is that guys that aren’t actually ready for anything are the first ones to message you. They like the game of seek and find that they get to play on these dating sites. Unfortunately, they don’t really want anything more than that. I keep meeting those guys. I get the guys that don’t actually have time for a girlfriend, or they don’t know if they want a girlfriend, they aren’t ready for the change a girlfriend brings, etc. So I ask this: why the hell are you on a dating site? It’s not a friendship site, that’s Facebook. No, this is a dating site. Even better, I get the 50 year old men trying to hit on me. Um, I’m only 29 I do not need someone that my daddy potentially graduated high school with! That’s really, really gross! All I want is to meet a decent, handsome (I know this is vain but I need some sort of physical attraction) man that is as done with the “game” as I am. What happened to those guys? Do “men” even exist anymore? Part of me doesn’t think so…

6 thoughts on “Online dating “game”

  1. OK, I’m surprised that this one passed me by, but I’m gonna comment as a reader and open-minded person that has a good knack of ya. What you’re looking for you won’t find on many dating sites. Sometimes, people just aren’t really sure what they’re after. This goes both ways. It’s amazing that you’d go to a site to find something and think it’d be there, but the reality is that what you want & are looking for seems to be the hardest thing to pilfer through when it comes to the dating sites. BP has faded to black (yeah I said it), Tagged isn’t even close to a reliable dating location. That’s a certified fling site with people who are in relationships & are killing time. Those are the two that I run across, but as corny of a cliche it is, it will come & when it does, you’ll least expect it. Of course, this coming from a single VIRGO man himself, so I feel your pain. OK, I’ve ranted enough lol. Thanks for the read though. I now know I’m not alone 😉

  2. RocketFlyentist says:

    Try a book and or comic store. Or areas where needs hang out. Which is tough cuz it’s usually at their job or in front of their computer.

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