I went to school for this?

So I have been a nurse for almost a year now and this is what I have learned so far:

-my job is to kiss your ass.

-my job is to also wipe your ass, preferably before kissing it.

-my job is to be talked down to by your family members with no medical background.

-I am also your personal waitress.

-you are not here to get better, you are here for a vacation.

-you dont want education on how to take better care of yourself because what would be left for me to do?

-you don’t care that I have other patients, you want what you want now.

-bathroom breaks are for sissy nurses, hold it in.

-alcohol becomes your new best friend.

-just because the doctor says it, it must be true.

-only a nurse understands the macabre humor of a nurse.

-it takes one HELL of a special person to be a nurse.


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