So I am UBER jealous of multilingual people. It seems like being at least bilingual is the norm for every country but America. We learn English and figure “eh, good enough. If you want to talk to me then learn my language”. That’s kind of close minded isn’t it? Well I have embarked on a journey to learn two languages by the time I turn 30. First up Japanese. Why, you ask? Well I would love to learn Spanish, hell I would use it everyday. I unfortunately took French in high school and only remember it when I try learn Spanish. Those two languages are remarkably similar! I figure instead I will learn a language completely different from both and since I already walk around singing Japanese songs why not actually understand what I am singing? And thus, that is how the decision to learn Japanese came to be… Well that and I want to be able to watch anime without subtitles. Nerd? Why yes I am, how kind of you to notice!


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