I give it 20 years…

I saw “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” last night. Great movie but a bit unsettling. Why? Well, I give it 20 years and we will be doing something stupid like that and giving rise to the planet of something. Think about it: we test most medications designed for humans on animals first. *Spoiler alert*  Basic  premise of the movie is trying to find a cure for alzheimers. “How do we get the brain to repair itself”, one of the biggest questions facing science today. Who wouldn’t want to find an answer to that? Think of all the uses, alzheimers, traumatic brain injuries, dementia, etc. Big problem though: to find out if the brain is regaining cognitive function from the meds we need to test it and who do we test it on? Of course we test it on the next “smartest” animal. So basically you make a  reasonably intelligent animal, more intelligent but continue to treat it like a stupid animal. Yeah, I can see humans creating our own downfall reasonably soon. I, for one, welcome our new animal overlords…


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