Is it me or has American music gotten, well, stale? It’s like no matter what anybody releases it sounds like something they, or somebody else has already done (yes, this includes Lady Gaga). What happened to the originality? Why does one rapper sound like another rapper who sounds like another rapper who now sings? Why does every pop/R&B singer need to have the least amount of clothes on as possible, yeah guys included. Even rock has become mediocre at best. I have had to turn to foreign music for entertainment now. I have an entire Japanese playlist, songs from the Netherlands, and more. Is it just me? Is everyone else content with the music industry at present? What’s worse is people look at me strange for liking songs like Perfume’s “Natural ni koishite” but Travis Porter’s “Make it rain” is totally appropriate and what I SHOULD be listening to. I guess to each his own, right?


2 thoughts on “o_O

  1. Laura says:

    A lot of it has…especially all the mainstream stuff. I think things like The Avett Brothers and other outlying, non-mainstream, type stuff still has a lot originality and soul. But speaking of foreigners…have you listened to Mumford and Sons??? Now that is some crazy hybrid of bluegrass and big band type sound and intense poetry like lyrics and just plain rocking out….anyway, they are AWESOME. But not American. So point taken.

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