>Stood in the mirror and took a good long look at myself and noticed all my flaws. My head is just too big. My eyes are such a plain brown. My hair is just too thick. My lips are just there to hide these damn braces. My fingers are so long and skinny. My chest is too flat. My hips look so big. My feet are so large. My skin has such a funny pink undertone. My waist isn’t small enough. I am just not a pretty girl. As I stood there tears began to well in my eyes. Everything that could ever be wrong with a person was wrong with me. How could someone love this? I reached to turn off the light so I wouldn’t have to see my reflection anymore but stopped. Something whispered to me “my child, look again.” I raised my head and saw my real reflection. This big head is full of knowledge and fits me just fine. The plain brown eyes can see right through your bull. This thick hair is God given, gorgeous, and natural. These pouty pink lips are made to be kissed not just to hide my braces. The long skinny fingers will hold the tools to save your life soon. My bra size does not make me any less feminine. These are some good ol’ fashion southern belle hips right here! These big feet keep me planted firmly on the ground. This pinkish skin was my mother’s skin and it just as beautiful on me as it was on her. What man wants a small waisted woman anyway, he wants something to hold on to and I have it. You’re damn right I am not a pretty girl, I am a beautiful woman. How can someone NOT love me?


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