>Not black enough?

>Somehow being black has a definition, a definition that I am not familiar with. I have met those that think I am not “black” enough because of who I am naturally. I speak in complete, understandable sentences. I don’t like 99% of the rap I hear on the radio. BET does not entertain me in the least. I think Baby Phat is beyond ghetto looking. I don’t watch “Real Housewives of Atlanta” because I think those ho’s are idiots. I cannot stand to see little girls with a gazillion beads or barrettes in their hair. Somehow that is what makes a black person black… WTF? So when is “black” about what you do instead of who you are? Yes I am an oddity but so what! So I watch Japanese cartoon in Japanese. So what if I like rock more than rap. So what if I like Aeropostale over Apple bottom. That makes me what then since it means I am not black? I will tell you what it makes me… It makes me Shaunelle De’Braux. Take that for what it is.


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