>Why can’t we all just get along?

>So I am sitting here watching Tough Love on VH1. Why can’t bitches get along? Why is it that whenever you put a bunch of females together they have to act completely stupid? Everyone hates everyone and its fights galore. Why do women feel they are in competition with each other whenever they are around another female? I know the reality show pick women they know will fight because it makes for good tv but I have seen it for myself. We all know what I am talking about. For example, take a group of three-five girls. Let one girl walk away and then count the seconds before her “friends” start talking trash… 30 seconds tops. Why? Why do females feel they have to knock the others around them down. Whats worse is how judgemental we are. I have had trash talked about me by broads that don’t know me, they know of me. I know plenty of women that have gone/are going through the same thing. Why? Why are girls like that? Do guys go through the same thing?


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