This ladies and gentlemen is the sign posted on the door of the “neighbors” house. Yes that says its condemned and yes they are still in there. Now most people would try to lay low…no not these people. Instead they sit right on the porch with the door WIDE open. In fact its like the sign is more of a suggestion than a demand. Mind you these are the same people that stole a generator and continuously fueled it for over two weeks to avoid paying electricity. I am wondering what it is going to take to get them out of there. What makes it so bad is the fact that THERE ARE CHILDREN IN THERE!!! Two elementary aged children!!!! Who is looking out for them? Why are they living in a house with no electricity or water? CBS 6 has been here and done a story on that house and yet the kids are still there. I will keep the world posted on what happens with this house…

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