>Just not that in to you

>How do you tell someone that it is never going to happen? I am normally able to say exactly what I feel but for some reason I am apprehensive about hurting people’s feelings. We had something together at one time. He let it go. Now he wants it back and I am just not feeling it. I have moved on. I have grown up. I have found someone that makes me happy. I think I am in my happy place right now… And now all of a sudden not one, but two exes decide to pop back into my life and claim a place. Uh no, it doesn’t work like that honey. What bothers me is I was hurt by both of these people and yet I cannot bring myself to be hurtful to them. I guess I should take that as a positive because it means my attitude is improving (doesn’t it?). I want to tell them to “eat dick and die” but yet that just shows resentment and I am over the past. It happened, we were young, they were stupid. But that still leaves me in this predicament, how do I get it through to them that they stand no chance without having to revert to the asshole I once was…


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