>Quick! Name every action movie cliche you can think of. Ok now put it all together in about and hour and a half long movie. Take away any essence of a storyline. Now throw in some soldiers. You now have the GI JOE movie. This movie was over acted and under scripted. You would think from the previews that this movie would be kick ass. Think again! The plot was underdeveloped. The writing was non existent. Even the special effects were mediocre! Just tell me how in the hell someone can break into the GI JOE headquarters WITHOUT ANYONE NOTICING?!?!? Not one damn alarm went off until General Hawk hit the one under his desk AFTER he had damn near been killed? The best damn scenes involved kids fighting!!!!!! The movie was predicatable and it seems to me they rushed it through production. The movie rests on nothing but special effects and those could have been better. If you happen to be under the age of 14 then you will love this movie. If you have already hit puberty, just wait for the dvd.


One thought on “>GI-OH NO!

  1. >Omg that is so funny. It sounds just like the review I wrote. This movie sucked badly. If it weren't for the corny dialogue, so so special effects (the polar bear), and underdeveloped plot this would have been a great movie. Oh and the acting was by far some of the worst, even Dennis Quaid made me cringe at times. Sienna Miller aka The Baroness was over the top dramatic down to the way she sashayed with her super gun in hand, which looked like a weaponized lava lamp. It was almost like a parody of action films. It was poorly pieced together with cheesy flashbacks and stereotypical characterization. How can you be inches away from a building blowing up and walk way with a scar on your cheek. The best part of the film was the flashback of young Snake Eyes and young Storm Shadow beating the hell out of each other like you said.

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