>un-people person

So how is it that I want to be a nurse, I get along great with everyone, people love me, but I HATE PEOPLE?!? Maybe that is the wrong way to say it… I strongly dislike the human race. I was never that kid that went to sleepovers. I never wanted to be popular, in fact I spent all four years of high school trying to get out. I couldn’t join a sorority because I can’t tolerate being around more than two females at a time (our species annoys me to no end). If I do go out it is with a select group of people refered to as friends. Aren’t people like me considered anti-social? Aren’t we the ones you all call loners? Aren’t we the ones that sit at the corner table by ourselves with our noses in books? Aren’t we the ones that freak you out because you have no idea how to deal with us? Well I can tell you how to deal with me. DON’T! If I am alone at a table it’s because I want to be. If I have turned down going out with you it’s because I don’t want to. If I don’t pick up the phone it is because I don’t want to talk. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just leave me alone.


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