For those that don’t know I have been “natural” since Feb 08 and I love it. I have had my ups and downs and almost went back to relaxers but no one said it would be easy. My hair is so much healthier and thicker and that’s what I wanted. So may I ask the common masses this question? Why in the HELL do you feel the need to ask me when am I going to get a relaxer again? My other favorite question is “if you’re not going to lock then what are you going to do with it?” Sweetie, if I wanted a relaxer I would have one don’t you think? Have you ever considered that I just might let it continue to grow in all its thick glory? Why do I have to do “something” to my hair? What just kills me are the nasty looks from females whom have burnt off their entire hairline but you have the nerve to give me the stank look! Yeah keep looking, maybe you can learn how to go back to having a forhead instead of that big ass fivehead your receding hairline gives you. I am not one of those militant naturals that feel like everyone should be natural and those who aren’t are wrong and let’s go back to the motherland, and blah blah blah. In fact i could care less what you do with your hair, IT’S YOURS. I don’t go around asking you when are you going natural so don’t ask me about getting a relaxer. I just think it’s rude because basically you’re implying I need one. I cannot make you happy and I’m not going to try so let’s leave it alone shall we?

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