>Taking a break

>I have come to the decision that I need to take break from relationships. I keep meeting the scum at the bottom of the barrel and I need to figure out why. There is something I am doing to attract these weirdos and I seriously have to stop it. Maybe it is Karma doing her job. Normally women walk around complaining about how “men are this” and “men are that” and they, the woman, has done nothing wrong . Well I am not that woman. I know that I have done things to hurt others and Karma is a bitch. I think Karma is making her go-rounds with me and that’s why I keep meeting these people. Karma would like for me to know what it feels like to be hurt, because I know I have been a cold-hearted bitch that didn’t give a damn about anyone’s feelings but my own. I am taking these recent relationship fuck-ups as a lesson learned. I could be bitter and blame everyone else for what I have been through but honestly, some of this is MY fault. So Karma if you are out there listening, I get it now. If I want to be treated the right way I have to treat others the same way as well. I am going to take the time off to get things together and then I am jumping back into the game head first. So here goes the beginning of the end of my old life…


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