>Is this even Dragonball?

>I went to see Dragonball Evolution, yeah my mistake but I thought I should since I am an avid DB and DBZ fan. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DRAGONBALL ANYTHING! The only thing that links this movie to the franchise is the name of the characters and that is about it. I got over how the characters looked, it’s live action and it would be hella hard to get Goku’s hair to look believable so that didn’t bother me. The story, on teh other hand I can”t get over. Maybe I am being too harsh but the story had nothing to do with ANY story line from the show I have ever seen. I know, I know it’s not supposed to be exactly like the anime but DAMN couldn’t they have atleast tried to follw some part of the show. Maybe this is supposed to be the awkward teenage years of Goku, you know after Dragonball but before Dragonball Z? It took things out of the story and changed them completely. Example, you ask? Here’s one: as we know Goku is a Saiyan and as a child (in the DB series not DBZ) his tail had to be cut off, if not when he looked at the full moon he turned into a giant ape-like creature. Not so says 20th Century Fox. Instead it won’t happen till after his 18th birthday, no tail needed and only when he looked at the “bloodmoon”, AKA solar eclipse. Yeah that threw me for a bit of a loop as well. Who looked at this story and said “hey this will make a great movie!”? They should be dragged down the streets and flogged! Oh well it is what it is but I will tell you what it ain’t… IT AIN’T DRAGONBALL!


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