>Myspace is no longer my space

>I have had a lot of people ask me why have a facebook page when I have a myspace, here’s why:
1:no horney boys hitting my page leaving disgusting comments
2:no random spam messages
3:I have yet to see a profile pic of someone with their butt sticking out trying to be cute but failing miserably
4:I have yet to see any photos of guys taking the “shirtless pic” in front of the mirror (why, oh why do people do that?)
5:all my college friends are on facebook
6:I don’t get friend requests from somebody who’s going to be the “next big rap star”
7:my myspace page has been hacked twice (and horrble things were sent to friends by “me”), my facebook has never been touched
8:it’s really easy to upload photos to facebook and all my friends are immediately notified
9:I can connect my blog to facebook without having to copy and paste, it’s automatic!!!!
10:I can IM online friends without having to download some seperate program (because doing work at work is sooo overrated)

Myspace has become too raunchy for me. Some of the stuff on some people’s profiles is just outrageous and lewd. Too many kids trying to be grown ups and too many grown ups trying to be kids. Maybe it is just me that feels this way… but if I get one more “girl I wanna do so and so to you” comment I am deleting that damn page!!!


2 thoughts on “>Myspace is no longer my space

  1. >yeah myspace is trash now. I don’t even remember the last time I was on it. even though facebook isn’t as great as is once was, its definitely the better of the two

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