>Gimme a gun, I’ll handle it…

>A psycho in Alabama took a gun and shot 10 innocent people including 2 children, CHILDREN!! In Germany a nutjob took a gun and shot 15 in a high school, what the hell?!?!? What could be so wrong that you have to go and kill others? Do us all a favor and shoot yourself so we don’t have to do it. Some people say “guns are the problem, guns kill people…” Ok so let me lay a gun on the table and let’s wait to see how long it takes for the gun to load itself and start shooting. It doesn’t matter how many restrictions you put on guns, idiots that mean harm will find a way to get them while honest people will have to remain unarmed. Let us arm ourselves against these creeps. Instead of 10 people dead an armed citizen may be able to keep it to 1: the creep that wants to hurt people. I am against violence but I am all for protecting yourself. *gets off soap box*


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